Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Angle Photos

Above are basically the same picture taken of the sun dial and of the Curtis building on campus taken at both a horizontal and vertical angle.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photography Session

The above photos are pictures I took/selected to show for our digital literacy class

Monday, February 18, 2013

Live Blog Tips on Photography

Patrick Wright
Digital Photography
Composition Tips

  1. Light-be aware of the light. contrast, time, and color change
  2. Angle-shoot horizontal and vertical
  3. Pattern-show distinct detail in the background pattern (if any)
  4. Photography and composition is very subjective
  5. Trial and error
  6. Incorporate people and activities naturally
  7. No Pose (for most photos)
  8. No white space (for most photos - see #14)
  9. Fill in the frame
  10. Be aware of sun
  11. Shoot tight...keep empty space to minimum
  12. Shoot sharp, hold camera still, (use tripod) to eliminate fuzzy spots 
  13. Use different lenses
  14. Rule of thirds- use some empty space to focus on surrounding settings (off center)
  15. Always take more than one shot, you can always delete later
  16. Always carry more than one media cards
  17. Carry extra Batteries
  18. Set Camera time/date
  19. Keep image resolution high
  20. Experiment with light settings
  21. Carry lens tissue
  22. Make notes

Monday, February 11, 2013

Compare, Contrast, and Create!

The two pictures above are both flyers, advertisements, or informative images of sometime. To analyze the top picture We need to observe the Contrast, Repetitiveness, Alignment, and Proximity.
The photo shows the five workers standing in front of the junk yard wearing their work attire as trash men, with the contrast of the dark trash being different from the bright colors of the mens' uniforms. The color, design, and overall appearance of the men and their uniforms are the same, which shows repetitiveness along with the font being the same. The allignment of the photo is to the left every time. The proximity of the picture shows the men standing between you and the trash which means they are here to help fight against littering in the community.
The bottom photo of the sunset shows a man in a small boat rowing around a body of water for fishing or another form of recreation. The Contrast of the colors pop as the sunset hits the water and mountains to show a beautiful ray of light. The only repeated items in the picture are that the same font was used and the alignment was to the left every time, which means the Allignment of the photo is to the left! The proximity in this photo shows the sun with some clouds close by, the mountains along side one another, and the man alone in the boat on the water.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Above are a couple of posters that we were assigned to replicate using Microsoft Publisher. It was pretty easy to create, basically all I had to do was save the photos that were separated from each other, drag them to the right position, and make sure my fonts, alignment, and detail were correct. And always remember when you're making the project, to save, save, save!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

May The Font Be With You

Old Style
Slab Serif
Sans Serif

When writing a paper, article, summary, or anything that needs to be well understood, choosing the correct font is imperative. Above is a picture/example of fonts that we looked over on class Monday. Before actually writing the paper you should think about your topic and what font best suites the criteria. has helpful hints and strategies on how to choose the right font for your work

Friday, February 1, 2013

Analysis of Crap

In our class on wednesday were assigned a picture. flyer, billlboard, or webpage to analyze. Above is my assigned photo. To fully analyze a photo, we used an acronym (CRAP) to determine the overall creativity or design of the picture.
CONSISTENCY- The pictue is very in depth with detail but doesn't have too much detail to understand
REPITITION- The Left and Right pictures are the same but just at different times, the font of the text in the middle is the same also, along with the block outline
ALIGNMENT- the two pictures have alignment all over the place, the roads, the buildings, the line in the middle of the photo, the sidewalks, etc. Most everything was middle alligned.
PROXIMITY- Although the pictures are directly beside each other, there isn't anything that takes away from the overall depiction of the picture and how it is advertising a cancer support site.

Another part of out assignment was to find our own photo and analyze it just the same.
Here is a link to the web page I decided to analyze. This is a rock concert virtual flyer for Carolina Rebellion, which is a concert that comes once a year to Charlotte.
CONSISTENCY- The page is very clean, with neat borders, links, and different ads inside the page.
REPITITION- The font of the band names are the same, some of the text boxes are similiar, but not much repitition in the entirety of  the page.
ALIGNMENT- The Alignment of the page makes it so much easier to read, understand, and notice all the details, the borders on the sides and the border at the bottom makes the page look clean and organized.
PROXIMITY- The photos and information about ticket info , dates, and venue are well displayed as well as their sponsors.