Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Movie Posters

 Above is my first movie Poster. The picture came from mourge file . The bottom border came from google images and I played with different fonts, sizes, and shapes for the text.
 My Second poster's picture of lady justice also came frommorgue file. I added the IMAX and Dolby logos separately from Google. The Fonts were chosen somewhat to look like the text on money.

You guessed it, my third picture came from morge file. The text from the top is a basic serif in white color just to pop againt the black. The FOX logo and Dolby logo came from google.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Our own movie posters

Above is the cover of my chosen book to make a movie poster. It tells of the dangers of online predators and their danger in the real world.

Above is my rough draft picture of the movie poster I made about online predators

Movie Poster Analysis

Contrast- Picture is in Black and White
Repetition- The picture uses only black white and a touch of grey color schemes
Alignment- Strong center Alignment
Proximity- The picture uses a white/grey background to make the black font and picture of Rocky better

Contrast- The picture uses different shades of blue to symbolize the shadow of night and uses large red letters on the left to pop against the black.
Repetition- Not much, only font choices
Alignment- Stong left alignment
Proximity- The Black on blue and red on black shows the font/picture colors better