Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Interview Live Blog Notes

Live Blog Notes

Rule of Thirds

180 Degree Rule- Always remember to keep a visual line in your mind while shooting, either 180 degrees above or below the focus.

Staging an Interview- Lighting, Composition, Framing. Most interviews are composed of two people, the host and the subject.
Nose Room- leave space in front of nose
Head Room- no space needed above head, compose shot so eyes are 2/3 from top of frame. (rule of thirds)
Compose so that subject isn't breaking frame while talking. Try not to shoot subjects hands
Think about background and environment behind subject.

Interview Tips- Do your homework on subject and possibly do a pre interview. Have questions written on paper before hand to keep from embarrassing your subject. Think like a journalist- Don't ask yes or no questions. Be sure you have good transitions. Subject needs to focus on you, not the camera lens.

Take several take away shots and B-Roll shots to add or edit later after the interview.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Premier Pro Baseball Project

This project was slightly difficult but very enjoyable. I never used the software before and had no experience with video editing. I look forward to learning more about the program and how I can progress in this field.
http://youtu.be/8HKlitZBxXg (High Res)

http://youtu.be/YD83myZAPLI (Low Res)