Friday, January 18, 2013

Futuristic Dreams

Growing up as a kid, I often wondered what life would be like when I "grew up". I imagined hover cars, robots, laser guns, and all sorts of things that a kid found awesome. In today's world, there aren't  literal hover cars or laser guns, but great advancements and inventions have came very close to those things in my imagination. Cars today can run on electricity as well as corn syrup; even the cars that run on gas have new features to help save the environment. Even though not many people have actual walking and talking robots, we all have seen or heard of our own personal assistants such as Siri, voice control on our phones, GPS's for our vehicles and even our computers can be a huge help. And even in the future I am positive that these things will advance even greater.As a child I would never have guessed that 3-D TVs would be easily available, our voices could control our phones, and even that there are drinks that will give you energy and strength.I really don't have much experience with blogging or anything that would be considered social networking besides Facebook and Twitter. I look forward to learning how to better myself to using electronics and the internet through blogging and other activities such as this!

Brad Paisley - Welcome to the Future